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Tips to combat writer's block

Updated: Jan 20

Every writer has to deal with writers block. It happens. There are ways to deal with writers block without sitting there at your desk ramming your head against the wall as you try to complete your goal for the day. The following is a few things I use to combat writers block.

  1. Meditation. I will sit and meditate. Yes. You read right. I meditate. I use a breathe exercise; I start by counting my breathes and the just let myself wander freely allowing touching on whatever comes to mind until I'm calm and centered.

  2. Work on another story. Sometimes I just need a break from the story I'm working on. So I save my work on the original story and start work on another story jotting down ideas and charactors, etc. Sometimes have two story ideas bouncing around at one time can be troublesome. The story lines can cross or the charactors end up in the wrong story. These issues can the be the cause of my writers block. So I find it better to get each story jotted down where I can keep them seperate and take turns working on them.

  3. Play a game. Yep. I just mentioned what many would probably say is the most unproductive past time out there. Especially with all the video games now available. but, sometimes you just need a break from working on your story. Just a chance to wind down and breathe. That's where games and the next tip comes in handy. With games you are just taking a break from the world, work, and all the stress and drama llamas out there. You are focused on just enjoying yourself. Just make sure you choose a game you'll really enjoy because it's hard to relax if you absolutely hate the game or it bores you to death.

  4. Hobbies. Who doesn't like a good hobby when you aren't working or writing your heart out. When it comes to writers block there is no better way to combat it than a good hobbie to give you a break and even inspire you along the way. Whether or not you make jewelry, embroider, crochet, or build replicas of items, etc. A hobbie can be a great destressor and inspiration for any writer.

So, if you are experiencing writers block remember it may be just a signal you need a break. Don't get frusterated or angry with your stand still instead find a way to give yourself the needed break and even alittle tender loving care. You'll soon find yourself and you writing back in tip top shape in no time.

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